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Sodium Bisulfite

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Sodium Bisulfite (NaHSO3) also called as sodium hydrogen sulphite is a chemical compound that can be prepared by bubbling sulphur dioxide in a solution of sodium carbonate. 38 percent of solution is produced by neutralizing sulphur dioxide gas with sodium hydroxide. Sodium Bisulphite in contact with chlorine bleach will release harmful fumes.
Synonyms: Sodium bisulfite;Sodium bisulphite,sodium hydrogen sulfate, Sodium hydrogen sulfite; Sulfurous acid, monosodium salt, sodium sulfite,sodium acid sulfite
Name: Sodium bisulfite Appearance: White crystalline powder
Formula:NaHSO3 Molecular Weight:104.0609
Density: 1.48g/cm3 Water Soluble: Soluble in water
PH:4.0-5.0 HS Code:28321000
CAS No.:7631-90-5 Einecs No.:231-548-0
UN No.:2693 Dangerous Goods Code: 81510 
Sodium Bisulfite is used in almost all commercial wines, to prevent oxidation and to preserve flavor.  It is also used in the analysis of methylation status of cytosine in DNA.
Sodium Bisulfite is primarily used for water treatment to remove excess chlorine in drinking water. It is used to bleach pulp in the pulp and paper industries.  Mainly it is used to remove metals from industrial waste water.
1,Used for bleaching of cotton fabric and organic compounds.
2,Used as a reducing agent on dyes,paper making,tanning and chemical synthesis,etc
3, Used as intermediates for producing analgin and aminopyrine in pharmaceutical industry
4,Used as a bleaching agent,preservative agent, antioxidant agent in food industry
5,Used in the treatment of wastewater with chromium,also used as electroplating additive.

Item Industrial Grade Food Grade
NaHSO3 % ≥ 99.0 99.0
SO2 58.5-65 58.5-65
Water insoluble matter % ≤ 0.05 0.05
Arsenic ( as As)% ≤ 0.0002 0.0002
Iron( as Fe) % ≤ 0.003 0.003
Heavy metal(Pb) % ≤ 0.002 0.001