• PVC granular
  • PVC granular
  • PVC granular
PVC granular
Constructurtion material:Piping, sheeting, windows and door.
Electronical material:Cable, wire, tape,bolt
Furniture:Docrate material
Other:Car material, medical appliance

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Products Performances:
Properties: Piping, hard various color plate, film and sheeting, photograph records,PVC fibers, plastics blowing, electric insulating materials.
1)Constructurtion material: Piping, sheeting, windows and door.
2)Packing material
3)Electronical material: Cable, wire, tape,bolt.
4)Furniture: Docrate material
5)Other: Car material, medical appliance
Item PVC granule (for cable and wire)
Eco-friendly Model
J-70 H-70
Density g/cm3 1.45 1.45
Tensile Strength MPa 20.0 18.0
Elongation at Break /% 300 300
Variation on Tensile Strength after Aging% 0 +5
Variation on Elongation at Break after Aging % -5 -5
Loss Of Mass g/m2 12 15
Impact Brittleness Temperature /℃ -17 -22
Thermal Stability Time at 200℃(min) 80 100
Volume Resistivity at 20℃(Ω·m) 2.0×1010 8.0×109
Dielectric Strength(MV/m) 25 24
Volume Resistivity at Operating Temperature(Ω·m) / /
Environmental Performance Comply with RoHS 6 requirements Comply with RoHS 6 requirements