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 polypropylene granule has the advantages of excellent comprehensive properties, good chemical stability, good 
shape processing performance and relatively low cost. PP polypropylene can adapt to a wider range of application 
requirements through modifying, copolymerization, grafting, blending, reinforced filling, transparency, filling, weather 
The uses of polypropylene are numerous because of how versatile this product is It is used in products such as the
1,Plastic parts - from toys to automobile products
2,Carpeting - in all forms of carpeting, area rugs and in upholstery
3,Reusable products - especially in containers and similar products
4,Paper - used in various applications for stationery and other writing bindings
5,Technology - commonly found in loudspeakers and similar types of equipment
6,Laboratory equipment - in virtually every aspect where plastics are found
7,Thermoplastic fiber reinforced composites 
PP Yan Grade,PP Raffia Grade
Item Unit Value
Melt Mass-Flow Rate(Mfr,2.16kg) g/10min 3.2
Density Kg/m3 915
Tensity Strength At Break Mpa ≥ 35
Flexural Modulus Mpa ≥ 1550
Izod Impact Strength(23℃) J/M 55
Rockwell Hardness R 102
Vicat Softening Point(10N)   156
Distortion Temperature   95
PP Injection Grade
Item Unit Value
Melt Mass-Flow Rate(Mfr,2.16kg) G/10min 8
Tensity Strength At Yield(50mm/min) MPa 23
Elongation At Yield(50mm/min) % 7
Flexural Modulus(1% secant)<p> Mpa 1050
Notched Izod Impact Strength(23) J/M 150
Heat Deflection Temperature(455kPa)   95
PP Film Grade
Item Unit Value
Melt Mass-Flow Rate(Mfr,2.16kg) g/10min 12.3
Tensile Strength At Yield MPa ≥ 30.8
Bending Modulus MPa ≥ 1000
Notched Izod Impact Strength (23,KJ/M2) 9.2
PP Pipe Grade
Item Unit Value
Melt Mass-Flow Rate g/10min 40
Density Kg/m3 905
Tensile Strength At Yield MPa 23
Tensile Elongation At Bleak % 50
Rockell Hardness   85
Heat Deflection Temperature 105
Izod Impact Strength (23℃,J/M) 60