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MAP - Monoammunium Phosphate

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Products Performances:
White/Grey powder and granular. Molecular Formula: NH4H2PO4
Molecular Formula: NH4H2PO4 Molecular Weight: 115.0
1.Used in agriculture as nitrogen fertilizer.it is a kind of action fertilizer, which can make crops thrive and improve fruit quality and yield, help crops strengthen resistance to disaster. 
2.Raw material of making compound fertilizer.
Packing Details:
in 50kgs PP bag lined with inner poly bag, 25MT/20’ container.  
Total N+P2O5 63% min
Available P2O5 52% min
Total N 11%min
Moisture 2.0% min
PH 4.0-4.4
Size 0-1mm, 90%min in powder 1-5mm, 90%min in granular
Cao 0.5max
Ca 0.045max
H2SO4 4.5max
Flourides 1.8max
Mgo 1.25max
Density at 20 degree celsius 1.70ma
Suspended solids 2.34max